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Did you know?

Salinas Valley, the “Salad Bowl of the World,” is responsible for growing roughly 70% of the nation’s lettuce.

Salinas is home to two of the four largest orchid growers in the country, and is California’s biggest grower of chardonnay grapes.

Leaders in a Growing Industry

Salinas has a global reputation as an agriculture and innovation hub. Both iceberg lettuce and bagged salad, which revolutionized the fresh food industry, were invented in this region. Salinas is the ideal place for agribusinesses to leverage California’s natural resources and innovative environment.

Hub of Agriculture Industry

Fresh Express, Dole and Mann Packing have all put down roots in Salinas. If it has anything to do with agriculture, it’s happening in Salinas:
  • Food production and cultivation
  • Food processing
  • Vineyards and wine
  • Farm management
  • Environmental protection and conservation
  • Pest and disease control
  • Machinery for production

Access to Research and Resources

Salinas is a hotbed for agricultural research and resources. Home to a USDA Agricultural Research Station and the Steinbeck Innovation Project, Salinas is developing the latest technology and advancements.

Support for Farmers

Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association  (ALBA) creates opportunities for farm workers and aspiring farmers with limited resources by allowing them to grow and sell crops from two organic farms in Monterey County. ALBA works with farmers who historically have had language, cultural and financial barriers to overcome, and trains them in organic farming techniques.

Workforce Development

Surrounded by several colleges and universities, Salinas offers training programs that will help advance your workforce, including ESL programs, and Spanish language classes.
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Regional Advantages

Ideal climate, rich soil and a robust infrastructure are all advantages that Salinas enjoys. Strong transportation infrastructure and access to key markets set Salinas apart from other locations.